What Are Some Kinds of Carpet Binding Tape at Lowe's?


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As of July 2015, Lowes.com sells four brands of carpet tape: Capitol, Nance, Shurtape and SYNLawn. The carpet tapes are for residential and commercial uses. Carpet tapes are double-sided and hold carpets and rugs in place. They are also used at seams to join two segments of carpet together.

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Carpet tapes are flexible and durable. Tapes made from fiberglass are mildew resistant so are well-suited for outdoor uses. Some carpet tapes require steam irons to activate the adhesive. Use a rolling pin to evenly roll carpet onto the carpet tape and avoid buckling. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation.

Lowes.com offers carpet tapes made from fiberglass and recycled materials, tapes that use hot-melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives, and tapes for indoor and outdoor uses. The carpet tapes range in price from about $5 to $11. Tapes are available in widths ranging from 1.25 inches to 12 inches, and lengths ranging from 15 to 75 feet.

To hold rugs in place, use carpet tape with less permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. Pressure sensitive adhesives are easier to remove and do not leave residue on floors. For carpet seams, use tape with hot-melt adhesive. Hot-melt adhesives are stronger and more permanent than pressure sensitive adhesives.

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