What Kinds of Candles Does Bath & Body Works Sell?

What Kinds of Candles Does Bath & Body Works Sell?

Bath & Body Works sells three-wick, medium and miniature scented candles. The three-wick candles feature wicks that do not burn out and come with lids to extinguish the flames. These scented candles have a high concentration of fragrance oils and burn from 25 hours to 45 hours.

The medium scented candle from Bath & Body Works has one lead-free wick, which helps it to burn evenly and allows its fragrance to permeate a room. The company’s medium scented candles come in individual glasses that are 4 inches tall.

Bath & Body Works' scented miniature candles burn for at least 10 hours. These smaller scented candles also feature lead-free wicks, and each candle comes in its own glass.

All of Bath & Body Works’ candles are available in several fragrances, and the company website has filters that prospective shoppers can use to check the availability of a given fragrance. The website also has a complete list of all candle fragrances. Alternatively, users can filter the candle inventory by note and color. Some available notes of Bath & Body Works scented candles are woods, floral and exotic.

Bath & Body Works also sells candle sleeves and candle luminaries for its three-wick candles.