What Kinds of Air Conditioners Does Friedrich Make?


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As of 2015, Friedrich makes several types of air conditioners for both residential and commercial purposes including window units, through-the-wall units, portable units and ductless split systems. Customer options depend on what size unit they want and what type of area they need to cover.

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Friedrich's window units come in two models as of 2015. The Kuhl model handles between 5,200 British thermal units and 36,000 BTUs. These units can be grouped together for more cooling power and control. The other model is the Chill model, which can handle between 5,450 BTUs and 23,500 BTUs. These come in cool-only models or cool-and-heat models.

Through-the-wall units also have two different models. The WallMaster is powerful for this type of unit and handles between 8,000 and 14,500 BTUs. The Uni-fit is a good replacement unit for various types of through-the-wall units because it can go from a 24.5-inch unit to a 26-inch unit with the sleeve that comes with it. This model can handle between 8,000 and 13,000 BTUs. Both units offer heat and air options.

There is only one model of the company's ductless split system as of 2015. It handles cooling between 8,500 and 33,000 BTUs. This unit comes with an LED remote for each unit along with a 24-hour timer and a sleep timer. It also has an auto restart feature, which turns the unit back on if the power gets interrupted.

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