What Kind of Vegetables Can You Use in a Food Chopper?


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Invest in a professional-grade food chopper made of stainless steel or cast iron, and almost all vegetables can be diced and sliced. The light-weight models, which tend to be less expensive, are usually limited to soft foods, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms or avocados.

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Professional-quality food choppers have sharper, sturdier cutting blades. They can slice through raw carrots, beets, parsnips, potatoes and turnips. Large onions and shallots, celery root and rutabagas are also on the chopping menu. Food choppers are usually semi-automatic or manually operated.

As of 2015, models that have received good reviews include the Vollrath Redco Instacut Dicer 5.0, a hand-operated, professional-quality chopper that handles most fruits and vegetables. This model has space for a container underneath the dicer, allowing the chopped material to fall right into a serving or mixing bowl. Another option is the NEMCO Easy Chopper, which is used with a cutting board. It has an optional wedging kit for slicing fruit.

French-fry fanatics might consider the Thunder Group French Fry Blade Cutter. Put a whole potato in the slot, pull the lever, and create French fries. It can also be used for cutting vegetables, such as carrots and celery, into strips. Made of cast iron, it is reasonably priced, running roughly $50, as of February 2015.

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