What Kind of Storage Is Available for Vinyl Record Albums?


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Wine crates, vintage LP record cases and specialized shelving units are some storage options available for vinyl records. Storage units specifically for records are available from Ikea, Boltz Furniture and Atocha Designs, as of 2015.

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Atocha Design is a New York-based company that produces a variety of furniture pieces that hold and display vinyl records. This company's record cabinet series features pieces with closed drawers that are specifically sized for vinyl LP cases, with space on top for a record player and a speaker. The record stand from the same company showcases the records in an open display format similar to a record store shelf.

Ikea produces a number of different shelves that are suitable for storing vinyl records. The Kallax and Expedit shelving series are built with cube-shaped shelves with dimensions that easily accommodate vinyl record cases. These shelving units come in single-row and multiple-row designs for both large and small vinyl collections.

For storing a smaller number of vinyl records, wooden wine boxes are an inexpensive and visually pleasing choice. Records may be placed in a crate leaning against a wall or on a table. Some liquor and wine stores may give away or sell their unused wine crates if asked directly. Vintage LP cases are another option for storing a small collection.

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