What Kind of Reviews Do Norcold RV Refrigerators Get?


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Norcold RV refrigerators are generally well-reviewed, with two models making it into HomeTone's top 10 list, as of 2015. The Norcold 323T R/L three-way refrigerator offers 4 cubic feet of capacity, while the well-reviewed N641 two-way, two-door gas absorption refrigerator features 17-cubic feet.

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The 45-pound Norcold three-way refrigerator features a compact 4-foot size suitable for tight spaces and is less expensive than other models. It has adjustable shelves and an attachment on the inside door sized for soda cans. Some of the pros include a usable design and durable materials. The refrigerator can be powered with gas and 120-volt AC or gas, 120-volt AC and 12-volt DC.

The larger Norcold two-way, two-door gas absorption refrigerator is less flexible in regards to possible locations because of its 17-cubic foot size. However, it offers more room for food. It features an LCD control panel placed between the freezer and refrigerator sections. It operates either on gas and a 120-volt AC or gas and a 12-volt DC.

The energy efficiency of gas absorption refrigerators can be improved if an individual places the refrigerator on a level surface, adds a battery-operated fan to the unit to help air circulate more effectively, and keeps up maintenance.

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