What Kind of Products Does the Tomato Growers Supply Company Sell?


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The Tomato Growers Supply Company sells seeds for growing different types of tomatoes, including early season tomatoes, oxhearts, beefsteak tomatoes, small fruited tomatoes and various colors of the fruit. The site also sells seeds for other plants, such as eggplants and peppers, along with related clothing, equipment and books.

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The primary inventory of the Tomato Supply Company consists of seed batches for different types of tomatoes. The Tomato section of its site, TomatoGrowers.com, contains categories for the various tomato offerings based on either the season in which the fruit blossoms, its color or its variety. The other seed sections of the site contain similar categories, allowing the user to locate the specific type of crop that meets her gardening needs. Users are also able to access a special heirloom section, which contains unique seeds for each type of plant offered and its subsequent varieties.

Other sections of the site include related products, such as multiple books on growing tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, as well as general home gardening advice. The supplies section of the site also contains products for gardening, such as specialized equipment for growing different crops, along with kitchen tools for canning and preparing the fruits. Customers have the ability to order a physical catalog of all of the company's products via an online ordering form.

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