What Kind of Problems With Congoleum DuraCeramic Have Been Reported?

What Kind of Problems With Congoleum DuraCeramic Have Been Reported?

Consumers report problems with Congoleum DuraCeramic that include breaking of tiles, grout problems and difficulty in cleaning. The product is also more expensive than traditional ceramic tile.

It is easier to break, dent or chip the DuraCeramic tiles than it is to break standard ceramic tiles. Most of the damage occurs near the corners of the tiles. Dropping a heavy item or moving furniture or other heavy objects across the tile often causes problems.

DuraCeramic tile owners also complain of cracking grout between the tiles. While these problems could be specific to DuraCeramic tile, they could also be due to improper installation of the grout or the grout product itself.

Homeowners with textured DuraCeramic tiles in their homes also complain of difficulty in cleaning the tile. Some report that they have to scrub the tiles on their hand and knees to remove the buildup. However, such problems seem less common with the varieties of the tile that have a smooth surface.

Congoleum produces DuraCeramic tiles in a variety of colors and patterns. It produces some products that look like hardwood floors and others that look like natural stone or ceramic tile. Natural tones range from almost white to a deep brown. However, the materials are also available in a rainbow of colors with contrasting flecks in the pattern.