What Kind of Pesticide Do You Use to Control Grub Worms?


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Imidacloprid and Halofenozide are two pesticides for grub worm control in yards and gardens. Imidacloprid is similar to nicotine, which is toxic to insects. Halofenozide contains chemicals that cause insects to molt at a lethal rate, causing death.

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Imidacloprid affects insects' nervous systems, causing them to malfunction and die. Halofenozide acts as ecdysone, a chemical that causes insects to molt at a proper rate, and speeds up the molting process, causing insects to die in early stages after hatching. Both chemicals come in liquid, granule, dust and water-dissolving forms. Uses include farming crops, indoor residences and flea preventatives on pets.

An environmentally friendly alternative to using chemicals is tiny worms, or nematodes that attack insects.

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