What Kind of Lubricant Is Used on Garage Door Tracks?


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Types of lubricants used on garage door tracks include grease, oil, white lithium grease and silicone-based sprays. Lubricants specifically manufactured for garage door maintenance include the Lubriplate line of lubricants and 3-in-One Garage Door Lube.

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Mechanic's grease is a common lubricant, and it is simple to apply. However, maintenance professionals do not recommend using grease in the parts of the garage door track that are susceptible to the accumulation of debris. Engine oil is a more effective lubricant than grease because it is reaches further into the tracks and attracts less debris.

White lithium grease is a non-staining lubricant that provides friction reduction between similar and different materials. Silicone-based sprays are not difficult to apply and they are available in most home improvement stores.

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