What Kind of Guarantee Is on Tervis Tumblers?

What Kind of Guarantee Is on Tervis Tumblers?

Tervis' guarantee ensures that the cups, which are designed to withstand daily use, are replaceable if they break. There are some restrictions on the guarantee, but it typically covers many problems, including damage and failure.

Tervis' Made for Life Guarantee covers all Tervis products except for accessories and lids. The guarantee includes lids for water bottles or My First Tervis sippy cups, but it does not include other lids. The guarantee does not cover handles or straws.

The guarantee covers the material and workmanship of Tervis products. If the product cracks or warps from heat or the seal fails, it is replaceable. Additionally, Tervis can replace the cup if the decoration falls or becomes detached, or if the cup develops a film or discoloration.

The warranty's coverage does not include normal wear and tear, such as scratches or fading. It also does not cover damage from improper care of the product or abuse. To keep the Tervis product in good condition and prevent voiding the guarantee, be sure to follow Tervis' care instructions.

Tervis must visually inspect the product before it sends a replacement product. To send the product in for inspection and replacement, follow the directions on Tervis.com. The form from the guarantee page of Tervis.com must accompany the product; package the product according to Tervis' specifications.