What Kind of Grass Seed Is Best to Sow in Clay Soil in North Carolina?

The best types of grass seed to sow in North Carolina clay soil are tall fescue or Bermuda grass. Tall fescue is a cool season grass, while Bermuda grass is a warm season plant.

Tall fescue is a type of grass that thrives in both North Carolina and other areas with clay soil because of its ability to survive extreme temperatures and its long roots. A gardener needs to start sowing tall fescue grass seed in late summer to early fall when temperatures start to drop. If planted in the spring, a temporary grass needs to be sown alongside it to help the tall fescue seed survive through the hotter months. Every 1,000 square feet should be planted with 6 pounds of grass seed.

Bermuda grass is an emerald-green plant that produces deep rhizomes that thrive beneath the clay soil surface and thrives in the heat. Some cultivars are even cold-tolerant. A gardener needs to sow Bermuda grass between March and September at a rate of 2 pounds of seed for every 1,000 square feet. Because Bermuda grass grows a layer of thatch consisting of dead grass and organic matter, it is necessary to dethatch and aerate the lawn regularly.