What Kind of Garden Does the Palace of Versailles Have?

kind-garden-palace-versailles Credit: CLAIRE LEBERTRE/AFP/Getty Images

The Palace of Versailles has hundreds of acres of gardens, and most of this land is designed in the formal, carefully landscaped French Garden style, with trimmed hedges, potted trees and sculpted grassy areas accompanied by dozens of sculptures, fountains and gravel paths. Typical of the French style, the Gardens of Versailles have a carefully planned and mostly symmetrical layout, perfected by King Louis XIV's landscape architect, André Le Nôtre.

In addition to the formal French gardens, the outdoor spaces of the Palace of Versailles include natural forest lands and features such as Petit Trianon, a classical style building that Marie Antoinette used as an escape from the pressures of court life in the main palace. The gardens' fountains are a particularly iconic feature, and their 17th century creation constituted an impressive feat for that era. Topiaries, mazes and other hedges require constant upkeep, and the gardens are still maintained today by gardeners who plant hundreds of thousands of flowers every year.