What Kind of Furniture Does La-Z-Boy Furniture Outlet Sell?

La-Z-Boy furniture outlets usually sell a range of products including recliners, chairs, sofas, tables and ottomans. Outlets also often sell "sleepers," which are sofas that fold out as beds. The exact product range varies depending on the outlet.

La-Z-Boy is best known for its extensive range of recliners. There are hundreds of different options available, and many can be customized. Customers can choose the type of material they want to use, the color and whether the recliner has features such as heat and massage, memory foam or a rocking motion. All recliners can be ordered from an outlet, but the huge range of options means that outlets don’t stock every model in store.

Outlets also sell a number of different types of sofas. These include regular sofas, sectionals, loveseats and sleepers. Sectionals are popular for home theaters, as they can be combined to fit any room. Loveseats are smaller than regular sofas, and are perfect for couples or for extra seating.

Aside from seating, La-Z-Boy outlets sell additional furniture such as ottomans and tables. The company also sells stands for TVs and gaming consoles. Some outlets may sell furniture for outdoors, and there is a branch of the company that sells hot tubs.