What Kind of Floors Are Best for Installing a Washing Machine?


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The best floors for washing machine installation are tough and water resistant, such as cork, cement, glue-down linoleum and sheet vinyl. With a washing machine drip pan, homeowners can minimize water damage and install a washer on any floor type.

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A sealed cement floor, which is waterproof and strong, is the safest option for a washing machine. The floors won't usually crack under the weight of the appliance, and drainage is easy with a simple floor drain. Cement floors are usually ideal in basement or garden-level rooms.

For a more conventional look, homeowners can choose flooring, such as sheet vinyl. The single-sheet installation minimizes seams, reducing the risk of serious damage in case of a flood or overflow. Vinyl may not last as long as ceramic tile, but is less likely to crack. Glue-down linoleum offers similar benefits, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Wood floors are not suitable for laundry rooms, as they can warp easily when exposed to moisture. A better alternative is cork flooring, which can be designed to resemble wood or stone. Cork has insulating properties that help reduce the noise from the washing machine. It feels gentle underfoot, so homeowners can stand comfortably while folding or sorting laundry.

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