What Kind of Drill Bit Do You Use for Ceramic Tile?


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Drilling through ceramic tile requires either a carbide-tipped masonry drill bit or a diamond-tipped drill bit. Both are effective. The carbide-tipped bit is less durable, while the diamond-tipped bit is more expensive.

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Regular drill bits are unable to penetrate the glaze of a ceramic tile. Even carbide- and diamond-tipped bits tend to slip on the surface of the tile. This can be prevented by using masking tape to create an X-shape centered on the area to be drilled. The masking tape provides traction for the drill bit. Apply firm pressure while keeping the drill on low speed while boring through the glaze surface. Once you are through the glaze, reduce pressure while gradually increasing the drill speed. Remain patient while drilling the tile as going too fast or applying too much pressure can cause it to crack or break.

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