What Kind of Designs Are Offered by Wirral Wetrooms?


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Designs offered by Wirral Wetrooms include traditional and contemporary elements. The traditional wetrooms sport wooden cabinets and vanitories with paneled doors and drawers. These elements are kept separate from the showers and bathtubs. The rooms have track or recessed lighting or bollard type wall sconces.

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The contemporary wet rooms are notable for their clean lines and frameless cabinets. The decor depends less on wood or wood products but highlights materials such as stone, glass, tile and metal. One of these wetrooms features a tub sunk into a black tile floor and a vessel sink. The cabinets are hung on the walls to protect them from dampness. This arrangement also lightens the atmosphere of the room despite the black floor and dark walls.

The modern style of Wirral's wetrooms have largely done away with cabinets. These spaces really are rooms dedicated to bathing and showering. One room sports an enclosed shower with one long wall and another higher wall perpendicular to the first painted apple green. A circle on the white floor is also painted green.

Another wetroom is decorated in Aegean blue tiles, with brilliant chrome fixtures and a white wall-mounted sink. The blue tiles of the walls are broken up with a band of tiny tiles in shades of blue and white that echo the tiles on the side of the tub.

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