In What Kind of Climate Does the American Boxwood Tree Grow?


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The American boxwood shrub is a versatile landscaping plant that thrives in most climates and tolerates very cold weather. The Graham Blandy cultivar is particularly well-suited to cold climates, according to Rodale's Organic Life.

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The American boxwood is drought-resistant and requires shallow planting in well-drained soil. The best locations for this popular landscape element have neutral or mildly alkaline soil. Some cultivars, such as fastigiata, Graham Blandy and pyramidalis, have vertical growth patterns that make them popular for hedges and living privacy screens. Other boxwood varieties, such as Newport blue, have spherical shapes.

Despite its general hardiness and ability to grow in diverse climates, the American boxwood is vulnerable to several diseases, including boxwood blight. The elegantissima and Vardar Valley cultivars are particularly resistant to most diseases.

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