What Kind of Bugs Infest Food in a Pantry?


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Some bugs that infest food in a pantry are the cigarette beetle, drugstore beetle, red flour beetle and confused flour beetle. Some other bugs found in the pantry include the rice weevil, merchant grain beetle and Indian meal moth.

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The cigarette beetle goes after foods like dried flowers, spices, pepper, raisins, ginger and dates. Drugstore beetles typically go after dry foods like cereal, meal, flour, pet food and various spices, including pepper. Both of these bugs are about 2mm in size.

The confused flour beetle is a little larger at 4.5 to 5mm and goes after flour, meal and cereal. The red flour beetle is approximately the same size and goes after similar foods. The merchant grain beetle is about 2.5mm and enjoys seed dust, cracked seeds, nuts, pasta, flour and cereal.

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