What Kills Yucca Plants?


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Root rot, brown leaf spot, Fusarium stem rot and bacterial soft rot are all diseases that can kill yucca plants. Pests, such as weevil infestations, can also kill yucca plants.

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A wide range of bacterial, fungal and pest infestations can kill a yucca plant. Some diseases weaken the plant, making it more vulnerable to other problems. For instance, weevil infestations pose a problem for yucca plants because they tunnel and burrow through the limbs of the plant, leaving it with open sores where bacteria and fungal pathogens can enter and kill the plant. Weevils are unmanageable once they infest a yucca.

Root rot and Fusarium stem rot are brought on by fungal infestations that occur if the plant is over-watered. Fungi thrive in a humid environment, such as wet soil. Leaves that turn yellow indicate an over-watered plant. This problem needs to be corrected immediately to prevent further issues by decreasing the amount of water, allowing the plant better access to sunlight, treating the infestation sites with a fungicide and removing diseased limbs.

Bacterial soft rot is caused by bacteria rather than fungi. Soft rot is indicated when the ends of yucca canes or cuttings turn mushy and let off a fishy aroma.

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