What Kills Ticks?


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To kill a tick, drown it in alcohol, or burn it over a match or lighter. Acaricide, a pesticide, is also used to kill ticks on contact and when feeding on a dog or cat.

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If a tick has bitten a dog or cat, proper removal with tweezers is vital prior to killing the tick. Carefully remove the tick near the head. Make sure to remove the head, otherwise infection can occur. Once the live tick is removed, place it in a capful of rubbing alcohol. It drowns in a couple of hours. Rather than disposing it by flushing it down the toilet, seal the tick in a plastic zip-lock. If your pet becomes sick, bring the dead tick to the vet to test for diseases.

It is not advisable to kill a tick by squishing it between your nails, as this can spread disease. Flushing a live tick down the toilet does not kill it either.

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