What Kills Poison Sumac Trees?


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Poison sumac plants can be killed by manually removing them from the ground or applying a commercial weed killer product. Manual removal tends to be the more difficult process and requires totally removing all parts of the plant. Using a weed killer with a strong herbicide is an effective solution.

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Poison sumac plants can be pulled from the ground manually, but this method only works when the roots, leaves and vines are removed. If all traces of the plant are not removed, the sumac simply grows back again. In contrast, an effective weed killer used judiciously ensures that the entire plant is eradicated.

An herbicide can be applied one of two ways to the sumac plant. The first method is to wipe the leaves of the plant with herbicide. The second method involves using a sprayer. A certain amount of herbicide is placed into the sprayer and then sprayed directly onto the plant. A shield on the sprayer helps avoid accidentally spraying nearby plants.

Sumac must also be pulled away from nearby plants when using an herbicide to avoid poisoning them. Burning is a method that must never be used to kill poisonous sumacs. Burning releases toxic plant oils into the air, which may enter the lungs and cause irritation in addition to skin rash.

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