What Kills Poison Ivy?


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People kill poison ivy through natural methods such pulling it out from the roots or cutting it back and smothering it with cardboard and newspapers. Glyphosate or triclopyr are effective herbicides.

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Poison ivy is extremely toxic, so it is crucial to pay attention to common sense safety measures. When pulling vines, cover all exposed skin and tape up pant legs and sleeve openings. Wear goggles to protect the eyes and work gloves for the hands. Next, double-bag vines in plastic and place them in the dumpster. Burning poison ivy is a bad idea, as it releases toxic smoke that can infect the lungs.

Commercial herbicides effectively kill poison ivy, but they also take out other plants. Herbicides are less effective in windy or rainy weather.

After the job is done, wash the hands and make sure to launder clothes separately from the rest of the wash.

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