What Kills Fleas?

kills-fleas Credit: More Than Words Photography by Alisa Brouwer/Moment/Getty Images

Killing fleas in a home, in a garden or on a pet requires multiple tactics, from combing the pet to watering the yard with a specially formulated flea killer. The entire process can take months, according to Elizabeth Weintraub of About Home, but the results are a flea-free environment that remains such as long as no new fleas are introduced.

Pet owners should kill any fleas that may be hiding in a pet's fur first by using a flea comb through the fur, beginning at the head and working backward along the pet's body. The fleas get caught in the comb's teeth. After each pass through the fur with the comb, it can be dipped into a mixture of soapy water to kill the caught fleas. To keep the fleas off the pet for at least three weeks after combing, the pet's hair must be parted at the base of the bottom of its neck before a flea control product is applied to the area. A flea-control fogger will kill the fleas throughout the home. The occupant must remove any animals and people from the home and turn off all flame sources, including pilot lights. The foggers in each room can be placed on a piece of newspaper to protect the surface beneath. After the forgers have been turned on, the property should be vacated for two hours and properly aired before people return.