What Kills Dust Mites?


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Dust mites can be controlled by using synthetic bedding, having hard floors, using a vacuum with a filter and keeping relative humidity at 50 percent or below. Insecticide sprays, fumes and foggers can kill dust mites.

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Dust mites often number in the thousands on pillows, mattresses and carpeting; and, they can cause allergies. They are easy to kill compared to other types of pests, but it is impossible to exterminate all of them, explains Pest Kill.

Use allergenic pillowcases, vacuum with a HEPA filter or a double-layered and use a micro-filter bag to capture and trap mites to avoid chemicals. Use air-conditioning or a dehumidifier to control relative humidity, and replace carpeting with wooden or tile floors if possible. Wash bedding weekly in water 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Always use a damp rag to dust, otherwise a dry duster just moves dust mites around the space.

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