What Kills Crickets?


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The most effective method for killing crickets outdoors is to use an insecticide product. However, insecticides are normally ineffective against crickets inside buildings, which is why sticky traps are normally recommended for use indoors.

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There are many different types and brands of insecticides on the market that can quickly kill crickets. Liquid insecticide sprays can be used around doors, windows or any other places where crickets may be able to access the building. The most effective commercially available chemical pesticides for crickets are bifenthrin, permethrin, carbaryl and cyfluthrin, according to the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

There are also many poison bait products that use insecticide-laced food to attract and kill crickets. These granules should be applied around the home, especially any areas where the crickets are congregating. Some of the common insecticides used in these products include hydramethylnon, propoxur and metaldehyde.

Most indoor insecticides only work on contact, so they are mostly ineffective at controlling crickets. However, glue traps usually work quite well, especially when strategically placed where the crickets are hiding. Crickets and other pests become stuck and quickly die when they walk over the trap. Placing a small amount of cornmeal in the center of the glue trap can help attract crickets and further increase the trap's effectiveness.

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