How Do You Kill Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets have a painful sting, and many people are allergic to the toxin they inject. The best way to get rid of them is to trap them without the risk of a confrontation and sting. This simple DIY trap is very effective.

  1. Gather the needed materials

    You need an empty 2-liter plastic bottle without a cap. A sharp knife or safety razor is needed to cut the plastic bottle, and a desktop stapler is needed to fasten the trap together. Fruit juice or a piece of ripe fruit are effective baits.

  2. Cut the bottle

    Measure roughly two-thirds up the side of the bottle from the bottom. Using the knife or safety razor, cut straight across the bottle and remove the top.

  3. Assemble the trap

    Invert the top part of the bottle so that it looks like a funnel, and insert it down into the bottom portion until the cut edges align. If you have cut off the top third of the bottle, the mouth of the bottle should not go all the way to the bottom. Staple the cut edges together to seal them.

  4. Add the bait and set the trap

    Add a small amount of fruit juice to your trap. The juice should cover the bottom of the bottle to the depth of about one inch. If you don't have fruit juice, use a small piece of ripe fruit and add some water to the trap. Once the bait has been added, simply place the trap in a window or near where the yellow jackets are intruding.

  5. Trap and remove the yellow jackets

    Yellow jackets are attracted to ripe and overripe fruit. They go down the funnel-shaped entry and into the trap to get at the bait. When they try to leave, they instinctively fly up the open space of the trap to the highest point. The yellow jackets eventually tire and drown in the liquid at the bottom without escaping. The entire trap can be tossed into the trash or recycle bin at any time.