How Do You Kill Wolf Spiders?

How Do You Kill Wolf Spiders?

Stomping on the spiders or otherwise physically killing them is likely effective if you only see one wolf spider in or around your home. If there are spiders inside of the home, use an aerosol bomb or spray to kill them. A number of chemicals and traditional pesticides can kill wolf spiders outside of the home.

  1. Stomp the spider

    Physically killing the spider may be best, since the insects travel alone in most instances. If there is more than one wolf spider present, this could be a sign of a potential infestation.

  2. Use an aerosol bomb

    Activating an aerosol bomb or aerosol fog in the home can kill any wolf spiders that have made their way into your home. According to, this may get rid of existing spiders but won't prevent wolf spiders from coming back. This is due to the fact that aerosol can not reach areas of the home like small cracks in the door or windowsills.

  3. Spray the outside of the home

    Chemicals such as permethrin, tetramethrin and cyfluthrin can be sprayed on the home's exterior to get rid of wolf spiders. The solution can be sprayed on windows, vents, doors and on the actual foundation of the home. When using traditional pesticides to kill wolf spiders, follow label instructions.