How Do You Kill a Wisteria Stump?


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Wisteria is a woody climbing vine with fragrant purple blossoms. It can grow 10 feet per season and overtake anything in its path. Kill stubborn wisteria roots with a paintbrush, gloves, a hand saw, a utility knife, a plastic bag, a disposable plastic bowl and an herbicide. Plan for 1 hour of work spread over two days.

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How Do You Kill a Wisteria Stump?
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  1. Prepare the stump

    Kill the stump when it's dormant. Start by making a fresh, level cut. Use the utility knife to score the circumference of the stump 1 to 2 inches from the top, and peel away the bark to increase the area of absorption.

  2. Apply the herbicide

    Mix your herbicide with oil for better adherence and saturation. Mix one part herbicide to 4 parts vegetable oil in a small bowl. Apply the mix within 4 hours; absorption is best on a fresh cut. Create a dam with a plastic bag if it is necessary to shield the surrounding vegetation, and paint the stump. Cover and store the remaining herbicide, and wait 24 hours before reapplying it.

  3. Stump removal

    The stump will take between seven and 28 days to die. Once the wisteria is dead, excavate the stump by cutting it flush to the ground, or by pulling it up by its roots.

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