How Do You Kill Stink Bugs Without Them Stinking?


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Kill stink bugs by flicking or dropping them into a bowl with soapy water. However, stink bugs don't really release anyodor if carefully picked up in tissue paper and placed outside.

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Stinkbugs are a foreign transplant from Asia that is surprisingly prolific in the United States. These insects are a little less than an inch long, brown and slightly oval shaped. Stinkbugs are also said torelease a pungent, musty odor when injured or threatened. However, the strength of the stink and their willingness to release tend to be over exaggerated.

These insects do have natural predators here in the States. Wheelbugs, praying mantises and some spiders like to dine on these bugs, but their numbers are large enough to overtake the population of the invasive species.A simple method for killing stinkbugs without them releasing a stink is to flick or drop them into a bowl of soapy water. Mix a few drops of liquid dish detergent in a bowl with water a few inches deep. The stinkbugs are unable to swim in the soapy water and quickly drown as it clogsup their breathing tubes.

Another option is tovacuum the bug up or carry it outside in a tissue to help get it out of the house.

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