How Do You Kill Small Black Ants?

How Do You Kill Small Black Ants?

Killing little black ants and other ant species can be done effectively with a little bit of patience and a good bait trap. Bait traps take time to work, but the benefit of killing an entire colony of pests makes the wait worthwhile.

  1. Purchase boric acid bait traps

    Get a set of bait traps with boric acid listed as an active ingredient. Many such traps are available at home improvement stores and department stores. Buy pre-filled traps for their ease of use.

  2. Read the instructions and set the traps

    Review the instructions for use and placement of the traps. Place traps inside and outside of the home in areas where ants are prevalent. Make sure the traps are placed out of the reach of children or pets.

  3. Watch and wait

    The ants can sense the flavor of the bait and leave a pheromone trail for the rest of their colony. This trail tells other ants to come and eat the bait. Ants often swarm over bait traps, which can be alarming. However, the more ants that eat the bait, the more pesticide is brought back to be shared with the colony.

  4. Enjoy your pest-free home

    Bait traps can take time to be effective. Ants that eat the bait wander back to the colony and share the slow-acting poison with the queen. Once the queen dies, the colony cannot survive, and your ant problem will be solved. This process takes approximately two weeks.