How Do You Kill No-See-Ums in the Home?

To eliminate no-see-ums in the home, clean outdoor areas thoroughly, and install screens over all windows and doors. A bug zapper and homemade traps can be used to kill the pests both outdoors and in the home. The process of killing the pests may require a few days, depending on the severity of the infestation.

  1. Install window screens and other deterrents

    To eliminate no-see-ums, install fine mesh screens over windows, and install screen doors at all entrances. A bug zapper can be installed outside entrances to prevent most types of flying pests from entering the home.

  2. Remove water sources

    Standing water in front of the home attracts insects and should be removed to effectively control no-see-ums. Turn buckets, children's swimming pools and other receptacles upside-down if they are stored outdoors and not being used. Rake the lawn frequently to remove leaves and other debris that may hold water. If possible, store building materials vertically rather than on the ground.

  3. Make homemade traps

    In a shallow container, such as a bowl, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and liquid dish detergent. Place the bowls in any area affected by the pests, and replace the mixture as needed. The traps can also be placed in outdoor areas.