How Do You Kill Pantry Moths?


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The first step to eliminate pantry moths is to go through the pantry and find food that contains moth larvae or webs. All food should be thoroughly inspected, even sealed items. The most commonly infested foods are grains, nuts and sweets. All tainted food items should immediately be disposed of and removed from the household. Impenetrable items, such as cans, can be cleaned with undiluted vinegar.

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Next, the entire pantry should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. Any liners on the shelf should be cleaned or discarded. The walls, hardware, and tops and bottoms of the shelves should be vacuumed and then wiped down with undiluted vinegar or a mix of hot water and soap. Next, the floor should be mopped and the ceiling should be cleaned.

Before replacing the food items, the pantry should be monitored to make sure that all traces of the pantry moths are completely eliminated. It may be necessary to place food items in hard, sealed containers to prevent moths from returning as they are capable of chewing through bags. Inspecting the pantry and cleaning it on a regular basis helps to keep infestations under control. If the infestation persists, it may be necessary to use a commercial trap, such as a glue or pheromone trap.

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