What Will Kill Mosquitoes Indoors?

There are many methods to kill mosquitoes indoors, but one common way is by using space sprays. These sprays can be use in the home by either spraying the mosquitoes directly or by treating the surfaces of furniture and walls within a room.

Space sprays are either water based or oil based. Water-based sprays are usually more friendly to the environment, according to the Mississippi State Department of Health. No-pest strips are typically used outdoors on patios or porches, but they can also be used indoors if there is a significant mosquito presence. Each of these solutions can be found in hardware and home improvement stores.

There are ways to prevent mosquitoes from breeding near a home so that in-house measures aren't needed. Rutgers University recommends keeping grass trimmed in the summertime, removing stagnant pools of water from the yard and changing water in bird baths frequently.