How Do You Kill Monkey Grass?


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Monkey grass, also known as mondo grass, is considered a weed and can be very difficult to remove. As a recurrent perennial, it must be completely killed or removed from an area to prevent it from re-emerging the following year.

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Monkey grass can be killed both naturally and chemically. To avoid using chemicals when removing monkey grass from a specific area, mow the grass to the shortest setting available and then dig it up by the root. Dig down at least 12 inches to remove all vestiges of the weed. Be sure to dispose of the monkey grass properly so that it does not re-grow in another area. If desired, spray a commercial herbicide at this time over the affected area.

Cover the area with a tarp to isolate any remnants of the weed. For a more aggressive infestation, place a root barrier along the edges of the excavated area. After a couple of months, recheck the area for any signs of monkey grass. Plant fast growing plants, such as vines, in the new bed that can quickly cover the area before the monkey grass can return. Spraying an herbicide throughout this process decreases the likelihood that the grass will return.

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