What Will Kill Moles in Your Yard?

What Will Kill Moles in Your Yard?

Kill moles in the yard by trapping them, using rodent poison or eliminating their food sources. Gases and flooding the tunnels may also kill moles, but these remedies are less effective. Check local laws to ensure the chosen method of reducing mole populations is legal.

Trapping moles is an effective way to kill them. Some traps kill moles on contact, while others offer a live capture method so that the moles can be released to a better area. Some mole traps are reusable, while others are single-use.

Rodent poison also kills moles. One kind of poison is designed to look like earthworms, and after the mole ingests it, the chemicals quickly work to kill the mole. Certain mole poisons, such as poison peanuts, are banned in some areas.

Another way to kill moles is to eliminate their food source. Introducing beneficial nematodes and milky spore bacteria kills moles by killing the grubs they eat. These options are natural and don't harm the environment or pose a risk to other animals who might find the poison or traps.

Filling the mole tunnels with gases or water may kill them, but these methods don't work as well as traps. Use a water hose to flood the tunnels with water, and block the other entrances to prevent escape. Run a hose from a lawn mower's exhaust pipe into the tunnel to pump in poisonous gas.