How Do You Kill Lawn Pests?


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Lawn pests are killed using chemical insecticides that are sprayed on the insects and their trails. Natural homemade soap solutions can be used to kill lawn-dwelling insects by drying their soft bodies. Biological controls are effective methods to kill lawn pests.

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Chemical pesticides contain pyrethrin, which introduces toxins into the nervous systems of lawn pests, killing them. Pesticides destroy larvae by drying their soft skins, therefore preventing their growth into the adult stage. It is ideal for spot-treating specific areas that have heavy infestation by lawn pests. Insecticides have a pungent smell that kill lawn pests by blocking their respiratory systems.

Homemade solutions produced from fatty acids, liquid dish soap and soft water are effective in killing lawn pests. They are used to soak the soil to kill lawn pests hiding on the grass and the soil. These solutions are ideal for use in lawns that have fruits and vegetables that could be harmed by insecticides.

Biological control involves the use microorganisms that feed on lawn pests. Predatory worms attack the larvae of soil-dwelling pests. Solutions containing fungi and bacteria can be sprinkled on lawns to introduce the microorganisms to the habitat. They later feed on the larvae and adult lawn pests, limiting their numbers on the lawn.

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