How Do You Kill a Kudzu Vine?

How Do You Kill a Kudzu Vine?

Kill a kudzu vine by clearing the surface vegetation to the ground and then applying chemical herbicides to the exposed stems. This process may have to be repeated over and over for several years until root reserves are depleted and the plant does not grow back.

  1. Destroy surface vines

    Destroy surface vines by pulling them out, burning them, mowing them or having livestock, such as cattle or goats, graze on them. Burn or compost all portions of the plant that are pulled up or mowed down because if they harbor whole or partial root crowns, the plants re-grow wherever they are discarded. Such methods do not destroy the root systems, which are too deep, but they expose the stems of the vine.

  2. Apply herbicide to the stems

    Apply a chemical herbicide, such as glyphosate, Tordon or Triclopyr, to the cut stems. The amount of herbicide needed and the method of application depends on the extent of the infestation. The best time to apply herbicides is late summer to early fall when the plants are actively growing. Rainfall enhances the effectiveness of the chemicals by helping them penetrate the soil.

  3. Be persistent

    Repeat the process of clearing the surface vines and applying herbicide to the stems over several seasons. The vines grow back as long as the plants have carbohydrate reserves.