How Do You Kill Japanese Beetles With Baby Powder?


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Japanese beetles cannot be killed with baby powder. However, sprinkling baby powder over beetle-infested areas deters them, as they cannot stand the taste of it. The best way to kill Japanese beetles is picking them off the affected plants by hand and dropping them into a bucket of soapy water.

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One way to eliminate Japanese beetles is to dust the affected areas of the garden with a light coating of baby powder. Although this method does not kill the pests, the taste of baby powder repels them and forces them to move on and search for food elsewhere.

To kill Japanese beetles, pick them off the affected plants one by one, and drop them into a bucket of soapy water to drown. In addition, many commercial pesticides kill Japanese beetles. Go after a Japanese beetle infestation right away, as the beetles' presence releases pheromones into the air that attract other beetles.

To kill lawn grubs, the vermin that hatch from Japanese beetle eggs, mix laundry detergent and water together, and pour it over the areas where the lawn grubs reside. The mixture kills the grubs and causes them to rise to the surface of the ground, which allows other animals and birds to pick them up and eat them.

None of these Japanese beetle pest control methods have a negative effect on the lawn or plants.

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