How Do You Kill Invasive Shrubs?


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Kill invasive shrubs using herbicide, pruning shears, heavy-duty black plastic and/or a garden hoe. It is best to remove smaller shrubs during the spring while the ground is soft and wet, which facilitates easy removal. Larger shrubs should be cut down to the stump and removed using a garden hoe or shovel.

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Extremely large shrubs that don't afford themselves to being removed easily with gardening tools should be cut down to the stump and painted with a solution of herbicide such as glyphosate herbicide, sold commercially as Round-Up or Rodeo. Do not spray the shrub or the surrounding soil with the herbicide in order to avoid killing any non-invasive plants in the area.

Invasive shrubs can also be removed naturally by using a large piece of heavy-duty black plastic or a large coffee can to cover the stump of the shrub after it has been cut back. This prevents sunlight from reaching the shrub stump, which kills it. Large shrubs can also be cut back repeatedly to kill them. First, cut the shrub down so that the stump extends about 2 feet above the soil. Wait a week, and then cut the stump again down to 1 foot. Repeat the process until the shrub is dead and can be easily pulled from the soil.

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