How Do You Kill House Lizards?

Although house lizards are generally harmless, a lizard in the home that is not kept as a pet is likely an unwanted house guest. Pets, repellents, the reduction of insects in your home, home repair and flypaper are needed to get rid of house lizards.

  1. Let your cat help

    Cats naturally hunt down small animals such as lizards that they find around the home. Be sure that the cat does not bring stunned lizards into the home to eat later, which could bring more lizards in. The presence of a cat alone deters lizards from wandering near your home.

  2. Get rid of insects

    Keep your grass cut and shrubbery trimmed, and spray pesticide and insecticide around your home to lower the amount of insects that surround your home. The insects are a source of food for lizards, and they will swarm near your house if insects are in plentiful supply.

  3. Repel and trap lizards with products

    Purchase a chalk or spray-based repellent to keep lizards away from your home. If possible, use products that repel both insects and lizards to assist you in ridding lizards of their meals as well as keeping them away. You can also lay flypaper near corners or where insects gather to trap a lizard.

  4. Block lizard entryways

    Use sealants and metal screens to close any openings in your home that a lizard can enter into. This preventative method serves as a final barrier to any lizards that may get past the methods mentioned above. Close holes that may seem small; lizards come in different sizes and have the ability to squeeze into tight places.