How Do You Kill House Crickets?

How Do You Kill House Crickets?

Kill house crickets by using pesticides, trying natural insecticides and setting traps. Making the home and surrounding areas as unappealing as possible helps deter crickets, preventing them from taking up residences in your home.

  1. Use pesticides

    Choose a pesticide designed for house crickets. Follow the label directions for indoor and outdoor applications. Treating the perimeter of the house and the cracks and crevices inside offer a dual level of protection against crickets.

  2. Try natural insecticides

    Use natural insecticides if pets or children are present or if the crickets tend to migrate to your vegetable garden. Use diatomaceous earth to kill crickets around the perimeter of the house. Make an insecticidal spray consisting of soap or hot pepper oils and water to spray inside the home. Create a trap of molasses and water in a jar to lure crickets in and drown them.

  3. Set professional traps

    Use professional cricket traps help eliminate the pest problem. Place the sticky traps in corners to catch crickets. These traps are most effective when used with another cricket control method.

  4. Make the home unappealing for crickets

    Use plants to deter crickets from entering the home. Crickets don't like garlic, clover, cilantro or sweet pea, so plant these near the home. Eliminate moisture in the home to discourage breeding in basements and crawlspaces. Keep clutter to a minimum so that crickets don't have places to hide.