How Do You Kill Hornets?

How Do You Kill Hornets?

Kill hornets by locating the nest, choosing a spray containing pyrethroid, spraying after sunset and sealing the opening to the nest. Look for a product with a propellant that sprays from up to 20 feet to protect yourself from attacking hornets

  1. Locate the nest

    Hornets build nests in openings in trees and in wooden structures, including homes. Watch for them as they leave to gather food or water to determine the location of the nest.

  2. Choose an appropriate spray

    Choose a spray that contains pyrethroid, which kills wasps, hornets and yellowjackets quickly. Look for a product that offers a long-range propellant. This allows you to kill the hornets while reducing the chances of getting stung by the aggressive insects.

  3. Wait until after sunset

    Hornets return to the nest after sunset and become less active. Wait until after sunset but while there is enough light to see the opening to the nest to spray to kill the largest number of insects at one time. Be ready to run to a protected area to avoid stings.

  4. Plug the hole

    Once all the hornets are dead, fill the opening to the nest with mud. This keeps the insecticide on the nest and prevents any hornets that escape from returning to rebuild the colony.