How Do You Kill Grasshoppers?

kill-grasshoppers Credit: hamed/CC-BY-2.0

To kill grasshoppers, introduce natural predators to the property or use a commercial insecticide in areas affected by the grasshoppers. Homemade traps are an option to eliminate grasshoppers in small gardens.

Natural predators can significantly reduce the number of grasshoppers on the property. For instance, chickens, nematodes and some types of beetles are predators of the grasshopper. Nematodes are typically available at home and garden centers and can also help control other types of plant-eating pests on the property. Many types of birds eat grasshoppers, including chickens and other domestic birds.

Chickens and other fowl, such as guineas, can help reduce grasshopper populations when allowed to graze in the affected areas of the property. Some types of birds may also eat plants; however, relying on birds to remove grasshoppers from gardens often requires the use of fencing or other barriers.

Insecticides that contain carbaryl can be mixed with a grain, such as bran, to kill grasshoppers in gardens. Use the insecticide according to the directions on the packaging, and reapply as needed.

Homemade traps that contain molasses are an option for small gardens. To make the trap, mix 10 cups of water with a cup of molasses, and pour the mixture into small jars. Place the jars in various places in the garden to attract and kill grasshoppers. Empty and refill the jars as needed, and replace the mixture after heavy rains.