How Do You Kill Grass and Weeds in a Gravel Driveway?

Kill weeds and grass in gravel driveways by applying herbicides, using vinegar and laying down landscape fabric. Keeping weeds and grass from returning requires continued attention, and in some cases, using more than one method.

Herbicides, either in ready-to-use sprays or concentrates, can be effective in treating weeds and grass. Some kill only existing plants. As new plants emerge, they must also be sprayed. Some herbicides feature a preventative formula, which offers up to six months of killing power under certain conditions. Reapplication is needed no matter which formula is used.

Vinegar is a natural, non-chemical option for killing weeds and grass in gravel. Pour undiluted vinegar directly on the plants. This option works well on weeds with long taproots. Vinegar must be reapplied to new plants, as it only kills those it comes in contact with.

Laying landscape fabric under gravel can kill and prevent the growth of some weeds and grass. Weeds with short root systems can grow in the spaces between the gravel and fabric, and others can find their way up through holes in the fabric. They may need to be sprayed with vinegar or herbicide.

Another option to use in conjunction with landscape fabric is soil solarization. This method involves laying plastic sheets over the ground, securing the sheets and allowing the sun to kill the weeds beneath the plastic. The heat from the sun gets trapped under the sheet and bakes the weeds. Doing this before laying landscape fabric can help cut down on weed growth