How Do You Kill Grass?


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Although it is hearty, common grass succumbs to a number of removal methods, including spraying, solarizing, layering and applying vinegar. The majority of ways of destroying grass, particularly the natural measures, are relatively inexpensive.

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Many people choose to spray herbicides on unwanted grass, as the chemicals tend to kill grass with one or two applications within a few weeks. It is important to choose a day with little wind to avoid distributing chemicals to plants that people would like to keep. This method is also potentially harmful to human beings and pets.

More natural methods include solarizing, which is mowing grass as short as possible, watering it until it is soaking wet, covering it with a sheet of plastic and allowing the sun to cook it until it is dead. This process takes up to six weeks.

Layering involves using newspaper to smother grass. The best way to go about this is to mow grass as short as practical, hosing down the area and covering the grass up to ten sheets thick with newsprint before hosing the area again and finally covering the entire area with mulch.

Applying white or pickled vinegar, which is not harmful to children or pets, on unwanted grass is a more natural removal method. This method involves spraying vinegar on grass on warm days until the grass begins to die off. It typically only takes a few days to work.

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