How Do You Kill Fleas With Borax Powder?

To kill fleas with borax powder, clean the breeding grounds for the fleas with a vacuum, sprinkle the borax powder over the surfaces, and allow the powder to sit on the surfaces for at least a day to kill the fleas. Vacuum the surfaces normally to remove the dead fleas.

  1. Vacuum the house

    Clean the carpets, closets and dark nooks with a vacuum, to remove all dust and dirt. Remove cushions from cloth furniture, and vacuum the dark corners and creases where fleas hide.

  2. Apply the borax powder

    Sprinkle the breeding areas with the powder, including the carpet, closets, corners and underneath the furniture. Spread the powder in an even layer with a push broom. For the carpet, reach out to the deep laying fleas and eggs by pushing the broom forth and back to sink the powder into the carpet, and work until no powder is seen on the carpet. Sprinkle the borax over the furniture surface, and use a hand broom to work the powder into the upholstery, reaching out to the creases and nooks. Allow the borax to set for a day.

  3. Remove the carcasses

    Vacuum the surfaces to remove the dead fleas. Finally, arrange your house.