How Do You Kill Creeping Charlie Without Weed Killer?


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Options for eliminating Creeping Charlie without the use of an herbicide include pulling by hand or spraying the lawn with a precisely mixed solution of borax. Borax is slightly more toxic to the weed than to grass.

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Creeping Charlie is a member of the mint family that grows close to the ground. Hand pulling is an option for smaller lawns if the owner catches the infestation early and removes the plant. The plant prefers shaded areas, and it is a tough invasive weed.

Removing Creeping Charlie using a borax solution works better for larger infestations. If applied too heavily, borax burns the grass; however, applying at a ratio of 10 ounces of borax to 2 1/2 gallons of water is effective. The mixture is enough borax solution to treat 1,000 square feet of lawn. Homeowners should only apply borax once per year for a maximum of two years to avoid damaging the grass. Apply the solution using a pressurized garden sprayer.

Pull any Creeping Charlie from shaded areas before applying the borax solution. After applying the borax solution, homeowners should watch for any new growth of the invasive weed and pull the plants. Eliminating this weed often requires careful observation and consistent work to remove any new growth.

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