How Do You Kill Chinch Bugs?


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To get rid of chinch bugs, prepare the lawn by removing thatch, then apply insecticides to keep it healthy and bug free. Chinch bugs infest and damage grass, turning your lawn into a patchy wasteland. They infuse a toxin into the grass while feeding, which yellows the healthy green blades.

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How Do You Kill Chinch Bugs?
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  1. Prepare your lawn

    Prepare your lawn for chemical control by removing thatch. Thatch is a buildup of dead organic matter that makes it difficult for grass to grow. It also provides sanctuary for chinch bugs. Use a dethatching rake to pull up thatch. This removes both bugs and eggs from the lawn and increases the effectiveness of insecticides.

  2. Apply insecticides

    Choose between several insecticide options: trichlorfon, bifenthrin and carbaryl. Apply trichlorfon in granular form using a seed spreader. Apply bifenthrin in liquid form using a sprayer. Apply carbaryl in dust form by thoroughly irrigating the lawn first. Make sure to carefully read the label on the insecticides and heed all warnings before using them on your lawn.

  3. Keep your lawn healthy

    After applying chemical control to kill chinch bugs, take measures to keep these pests from reinfesting your grass. Keep your lawn healthy by keeping your grass well-watered. Chinch bugs thrive in hot, dry conditions, so keeping your lawn moist is a deterrent.

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