How Do You Kill Chiggers by Spraying a Yard?


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Insecticide spray that contains chlorpyrifos or diazinon is highly effective at eliminating chiggers from grass. Apply the spray to tall grass areas, along the edge of the lawn and over shrubbery for maximum effectiveness. A pressure spray application can be used for large yards.

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After applying insecticide spray to any outdoor area, it should be left to dry before anyone enters the area, and pets should be kept from the area until it is dry as well. To reduce the likelihood of chiggers, keep high-traffic areas mowed and trimmed to a low level.

Chiggers are microscopic, making them impossible to view with the human eye. They feed on fluids found in the tissue of human and animal skin. As they feed, their saliva causes an allergic reaction in their host, appearing as red welts and accompanied by painful itching. By keeping grass mowed and treating the yard with insecticide, the chances of being bitten are decreased.

Chiggers are more likely to gather in areas of high grass and are also often found in piles of decaying yard waste, such as leaves and grass clippings. Standing water and marshy areas also attract the pests. If these areas exist and cannot be removed, they can be treated every two weeks with the insecticide spray to control the pest infestation.

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